Arnaud Sprimont


Official contemporary art route of the 56th Saint Martin Festival

Curator: Hugo Meert
Date : 6 november to 27 november 2022

Hugo Meert is the organizer of the modern art exhibit for the 56th Saint Martin Festival. He has planned an art route where he invites viewers to explore the unique worlds of 10 artists who will display their work. The exhibit will showcase a variety of diverse and distinct artistic universes, which is why the route is named UN[D]IVERS.

Extract from the presentation of the theme: Art is in my opinion the driving force of society and authentic artists will always find a way to question and overcome everything that is happening around them without any expectation or constraint. Without any given theme. Creativity is an uncontrollable muscle, in absolute freedom. We discussed a lot about the title of the exhibition. As I love puns, I had thought of Save Ass, L’Essence Unique, Sang Gravité, Ceci n’est pas un thème, Une Hivers… The word “universe” came up regularly, that’s how UN[D]IVERS was born. In this journey, in addition to my work, I invite you to discover nine artists with a well-developed personal universe. They perfectly know how to detach themselves from the laws of attraction by moving away from the gravity center of today’s world characterized by standards, control, one-shot effects, eclectic recoveries, ephemeral neo styles, and high commercialization. In the past, during exhibitions, juries, friendly meetings… these artists all surprised me in one way or another. Their names floated in a corner of my memory with the idea of a possible collaboration. This is done. The latest editions of Tourinnes also offered you an immersion in the immaterial with the intervention of multimedia. This year, I have chosen works mainly centered on MATTER. They often have a technical mastery and handmade side for unique pieces. Aesthetically, the creations have nothing to do with each other, but I feel that they all belong in an environment that I call Low Tech, but in High Resolution. As part of the official journey, I propose a beginner artist who exhibits at the Chapel of the Rond-Chêne. Moreover, we have developed a complementary project that you can discover at the barn of the Ferme de Wahenge: I distributed to each artist a blank painter’s canvas, an old model with nailed edges. It is in fact a trompe-l’oeil, because this so-called canvas has been molded and reproduced in ceramic. Each artist will intervene on or with this object in a personal way. 



Eléonore Saintagnan

Anatole Tieche

Arnaud Sprimont

Eric Van Haegenborgh

Fred Biesmans

Hans Weyers

Gille Delhaye

Pierre Lefebvre

Cathy Coëz

Hugo Meert 

Isabella Gosgnach

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