Arnaud Sprimont


Contemporary art exhibition | Former public swimming pool in Hannut – Belgium.

Mira Primault – Françoise Laporte – Alix Warnant
Date: From April 24th, 2023 to May 21st, 2023.

A former public swimming pool is being transformed into an innovative contemporary art exhibition space. The space features artworks from a variety of artists and mediums, including painting, sculpture, video and installation. The exhibition will explore the themes of water, swimming, leisure and community. Visitors will be able to view the works in the old swimming pool, diving board area and changing rooms, all of which have been transformed into unique and immersive exhibition spaces. The exhibition aims to challenge traditional notions of art institutions and create an engaging and inclusive environment for all visitors. This celebrated project encourages viewers to reimagine the possibilities of unused urban architecture through the prism of art and creativity.

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