Arnaud Sprimont


Solo Exhibition at Galerie Beyond – Antwerp / Belgium

Curator: Karin De Buysere and René Darmont

Date: 18.12.2016 – 22.01.2017

Galerie beyond is based in Antwerp since the year 2000 and active as a gallery specialized in contemporary jewellery. The gallery represents a selection of national and international artists who are committed to create art jewellery and artefacts that are one of a kind and communicating the artists’ inspiration, vision or free expression.

Galerie beyond invites you to question the limits of the area traditionally occupied by jewellery.  Many of the selected works somewhat transgress the functionality and uses given to a jewel, go beyond the existing framework of the body and sometimes get in to your habitat.

If due to their scale, some of the jewellery loose their wearable nature, nonetheless their very fabric is still intimately related to the body, due to the process of creation or to their workmanship. Crossing the borders of their fields, the artist of the selected works in the permanent collection offer themselves a space for reflection, favourable to the blossoming of it and your own blooming.

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